Level 4 International Federation of Aromatherapy Diploma

Level 4

International Federation of Aromatherapy Diploma Course

This comprehensive Aromatherapy Massage Diploma course is designed so that you can become qualified in the art of Massage using essential (aromatherapy) oils. This will enhance any treatment AND after you qualify you will be a professional aromatherapist who can also give a massage. 

Course Snapshot

This course will give you a thorough understanding of:

  • how to treat your clients with good, effective professional massage
  • Study of over 60 essential oils
  • introduction to Botany
  • the chemistry behind the smell - why are certain oils best for certain ailments?  it's all in the chemistry!
  • mixing a special aromatherapy blend for each client to suit their needs e.g. digestive, stress, hormonal problems.
  • offer clients a choice between a 'normal Massage' - sometimes called Holistic or Swedish Massage - and an Aromatherapy Massage
  • how to make up creams and lotions to sell to clients to help them between treatment
  • just think of the endless possibilities and business opportunities

More detail

Combine learning a professional massage with the added benefit of becoming a professional aromatherapist who can safely blend 60 powerful and fragrant oils (called a prescription/recipe) to treat a wide range of physical and emotional problems – so you will have a choice to personalize each massage to your client
by either giving them a massage or an aromatherapy massage (different prices)

You can use this unique blend on your client when you massage with the added bonus of being able to give (or sell to) your client this same recipe in creams, lotions and oil bases to take home to use in between treatments to help with:

  • Stress and anxiety related problems
  • Muscular and rheumatic pains
  • Digestive disorders
  • PMT and menopausal complaints
  • Skin problems, and many more......

Acupressure and lymphatic drainage techniques are included in the massage to aid toxin removal and deeper relaxation.

There is a practical exam at the end of the course with an IFA examiner overseeeing the whole class and admiring your newly gained professionalism!

Marketing and Advertising are an important part of the course - we want you to succeed in business when you graduate

Anatomy & Physiology is included

Students wishing to take have the best training  in Aromatherapy start here - you will join the IFA in order to qualify in Level 4/5 Aromatherapy with the International Federation of Aromatherapists.