ITEC Aromatherapy Massage Diploma Course

This comprehensive Aromatherapy Massage Diploma course is designed so that you can become qualified in the art of Massage using essential (aromatherapy) oils. This will enhance any treatment AND after you qualify you will be a professional aromatherapist who can also give a massage. 

Course Snapshot

This course will give you a thorough understanding of:

  • how to treat your clients with good, effective professional massage
  • Study of 42 essential oils
  • introduction to Botany
  • the chemistry behind the smell - why are certain oils best for certain ailments?  it's all in the chemistry!
  • mixing a special aromatherapy blend for each client to suit their needs e.g. digestive, stress, hormonal problems.
  • offer clients a choice between a 'normal Massage' - sometimes called Holistic or Swedish Massage - and an Aromatherapy Massage
  • how to make up creams and lotions to sell to clients to help them between treatment
  • just think of the endless possibilities and business opportunities

visit from Happy Bee

More detail

Combine learning a professional massage with the added benefit of becoming a professional aromatherapist who can safely blend 42 powerful and fragrant oils (called a prescription/recipe) to treat a wide range of physical and emotional problems – so you will have a choice to personalize each massage to your client
by either giving them a massage or an aromatherapy massage (different prices)

You can use this unique blend on your client when you massage with the added bonus of being able to give (or sell to) your client this same recipe in creams, lotions and oil bases to take home to use in between treatments to help with:

  • Stress and anxiety related problems
  • Muscular and rheumatic pains
  • Digestive disorders
  • PMT and menopausal complaints
  • Skin problems, and many more......

Acupressure and lymphatic drainage techniques are included in the massage to aid toxin removal and deeper relaxation.

There is a practical exam at the end of the course with an ITEC examiner overseeeing the whole class and admiring your newly gained professionalism!

Marketing and Advertising are an important part of the course - we want you to succeed in business when you graduate

Anatomy & Physiology is included

Sign-up, Dates & Fees...

Payment Options

  • Please pay the deposit of £400 by using the Buy Now button, the school bank account or credit card using the telephone
  • Click here for application form so that we can welcome you to the school and confirm your place
  • Please pay via the bank Bank details are here. or telephone 01603 621600 if you prefer.
  • These details are also sent automatically when you fill in the application form!

Your £400 deposit will confirm your place
Interest Free Instalment Plan - or Huge Discount for Full Payment!

Click here for application form
All courses include Anatomy & Physiology 
There is a discount if you already have a recognised Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology qualification gained within the last 5 year that is equivalent to the ITEC syllabus here on this link.

HUGE discount when course fees are paid before course starts!
Interest free instalments also available.
Funding Information


Courses start in March


March 2017 on Fridays (with two Saturdays) 10  - 4pm - twice a month for 9 months

How Much
(This includes
Anatomy course)

£1950 including exam fees or £1,800 for early payment
free instalment plan available

£400 - this includes the ITEC Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology course which you can start right away
This sum is deducted from the course fees


£400 deposit plus £1400 two weeks before course starts

Instalment plan: £400 deposit plus £194 for 8 months starting two weeks before course starts.
 How much without anatomy  £1700 including exam fees or £1600 for early payment
(this must be a Level 3 qualification recognised by ITEC and obtained within the last 5 years)
Deposit £400 deposit plus £1200 two weeks before course starts
Instalment Plan £400 deposit plus £163 for 8 months starting two weeks before course starts

Funding Information

Dates for 2018

Friday Course!
with 2 Saturdays to
boost your learning
early on in the course

MARCH Mostly Fridays: 10 - 4

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March
Friday 6th April
Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April
All Fridays from now on:
May 4, 18, June 15, 29, July 13, 27, Sept 7, 21, Oct 5, 19, November 2, 16, 30,
Practical Exam Saturday Dec 8
 BONUS! A chance to start learning even earlier!  

There is a FREE massage intro workshop for students coming on the course on Friday 9th March from 10 - 12

This is a pre course meeting - a chance to meet the other students and your tutors and alsostart learning massage - a great ice breaker!

Please bring in your laptop or device that has Microsoft Word 

HUGE discount when course fees are paid 2 weeks before course starts!
Interest free instalments also available.

Pay your deposit now to hold your place and the balance/first instalment 2 weeks before course starts

Click HERE to enrol now!

Why Study with us...

vicki testionial aroma min

You will learn in a small class with up to 8 students only:

  • Anatomy & Physiology all included in the price

  • How to market and advertise your practice

IFA Associate School Logo

  • You will be able to join the prestigious International Federation of Aromatherapists!

  • An Aromatherapy facial is taught as part of the course using natural products

You will also have

  • Dawn is who is professional Aromatherapist and who runs her own business teaching you
  • Student website support area with downloads
  • Student class Face Book group for easy and quick communication and help between classes
  • Professionally equipped practical and theory room with rest facilities
  • Complete support during the course and when you graduate
  • Help to understand marketing and advertising of your new business
  • Free car parking!
  • Invitation to our free twice yearly school meetings - to encourage and motivate with professional speakers from the world of therapies
As well as a solid foundation - we encourage dynamic learning in the field and also encourage you to expand beyond the limits of the syllabus during your stay with us.  We want you to fly when you leave and have as a successful business as possible.

To this end, we have 2 extra dates for elective classes for a small fee of £35 per class

There will be two such classes:  Aromatherapy Facials and Making Natural Beauty Products

Dates TBA

Specialist lecturers are invited to the school to teach their area of expertise.  Here Sally Brown from the Happy Bee Company is teaching Aromatherapy students how to mix lotions and potions from scratch using a wide range of materials. Today they learned how to mix products to use for an aromatherapy facial, so this includes cleansers, exfoliants, creams and lotions

learning natural products


Entry Requirements

aroma class 2017
No previous experience in massage or therapies required. We train you from scratch!

You will be learning anatomy and physiology along with how to run a business as well as learning Massage and Aromatherapy.  This all comes in with the course and is included in the course fees

You will need to be practicing massage at least twice a week at home on friends and family  

We estimate this will mean 6 hours a week of study as well as attendance in class.

Students need to have access to a printer and a device to do the coursework and to present their work in Microsoft Word.

However, if you are already a therapist, read on!

Recognised Prior Learning: If you already have a recognised therapy qualification (e.g. ITEC/ABC Reflexology) you may not need to do the A&P or Business & Principles Projects) provided they were obtained within the last 5 years

Extra Costs Associated with the Course

Your tutor, Dawn Dean

  • Aromatherapy by Francesca Gould £15-18
  • Massage book by Louise Tucker can be purchased second hand for a few pence - a new one is about £14
  • The Anatomy & Physiology book is is £18
  • Business book is around £2 (an old edition is fine)

Towels: Jackie will advise on the supplier etc and they will cost you about £60
Couch: Provided at the school but you will need one for home practice. We will give you advice on this - the cost is anything from £80
Uniform: School polo top is £10, Students supply their own black trousers and shoes

Oils: You will need just a few to start with as you use the schools oils in class, but we will give you advice on professional suppliers and you can either buy a range of oils or build up gradually. (As a guide: students kits range fromapproximately £20 to £120).  There is also a range of base oils to buy and they would cost approximately £30, according to how many you buy.  A range of base oils is a must in order to produce a bespoke product for your client.

Student Insurance: Students join International Federation of Aromatherapists (£35) and gain their student insurance with Alan Boswell £25

A first aid certificate should be obtained from a recognised body before you start working professionally (cost about £45)

At our school we encourage dynamic learning in the field and you can count on us for a solid foundation to your training and also encourage you to expand beyond the limits of the syllabus during your stay with us.  We want you to fly when you leave and have as a successful business as possible.

To this end, we have extra dates for elective classes

Aromatherapy Facial - 10 - 2 - £35 for Early Bird Payment before 21st April.  £45 Normal price after this date. Date June exact date tba

You will need for this workshop

Mask Brush x 2
Small Plastic Bowl
Wooden spatulas x 2
Head Band
Cleansing Sponges 
Floral Water in a Spray

Most of the dry ingredients (Kaolin etc) the tutor/school will provide, but we would highly recommend you buy your own products to practice with at home and this could cost around another £30.  After all, you are learning to be a professional aromatherapist and want to leave able to give quality treatments with products ready to use to start your business.

Making Natural Face and Body Products from Scratch -10 - 2 - £35 for Early Bird Payment before 21st April.  £45 Normal price after this date.  July Date tba

During this wonderful hands-on day, you will blend products to use in a facial for various skin types that you can take home. You will learn about making other skincare products (masks, exfoliator)  body lotion/creams and massage mediums as well. 

Assessment Methods

Practical Exam: 1 x hour treatment

Assignments: Research and present fifteen Essential Oils of your choice, Business and Principles and Practice

Case Studies: 6 people 6 times.  Plus 15 additional practice treatments (can be back, arm, legs, not whole body), plus 9 treatments using other methods (e.g. inhalation, compress) . We have worked this out to be between 1-2 treatments per week and the course has been structured for you to do these in a timely fashion – i.e. not rushed!

Further and more specific information

pixabay essentialoils

The syllabus includes:

  • Treatment of specific diseases and disorders either using
    essential oils with massage and/or giving clients products
    you have blended yourself with cream/lotion/oil bases
  • Classical movements involved in body Massage
  • Massage sequence, and physical and psychological benefits
  • Study of 42 essential oils
  • Extraction, countries of origin, therapeutic properties,
    use care and storage of essential oils, resins and absolutes
  • Routes into the body for essential oils
  • Blending and percentage guidelines
  • Simple Botany/Chemicals of oils
  • History & definition of Aromatherapy
  • Skin care
  • Holistic consultation and the therapeutic relationship
  • Stress management
  • Introduction to other therapies
  • Importance of nutrition
  • Professional presentation/promotion
  • Code of Ethics and Practice
The course also includes learning how to blend essential oils with other natural products to create fragrant aromatherapy face and body care items, including exfoliating body scrubs.

Anatomy & Physiology included in the price

What our students say about this course

Thanks again for a really useful session... I found it really useful getting feedback from a fellow student.  I think you're a brilliant tutor - always so positive and encouraging and cheerful!  I do seriously think you are doing a grand job!  (I'm not just trying to be a 'girly swat'!) ;-)
Have a great summer. Sandra x

Lorraine has been a superb teacher! and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with her and am so pleased I have done this course with her.  She has answers every question I have asked!  Thank you!

Very very good teacher!  Positive and enthusiastic about the course making it more enjoyable to do

I love learning the names of the oils , didn't think I would ever remember them.  Loved learning the routine and meeting some new people  Kelly Symonds

Lorraine is an excellent tutor encouraging, supportive and helpful. I shall really miss coming to the classes as I've learnt so much more than I originally anticipated Thank you.  Fantastic course and relaxed easy going atmosphere   Lisa Edwards

Professionally taught by great tutor - started learning immediately from Day 1 of the course.  Hard work but really enjoyable (appreciated realistic advice about level of homework)  Lesley Knights

The course has been taught with great enthusiasm and encouragement.  We have been given great support from Lorraine, her teaching has been delivered thoroughly whilst allowing us to enjoy some humour. It is really nice to see Jackie each week which also seems to offer great support. I have really enjoyed this course and will miss meeting up with everyone. Thanks Lorraine for all your help and support.  Deborah Berry

I loved learning how to blend different oils to be able to treat a variety of conditions with just one treatment.  The combinations are endless and I found this quite fascinating  Julie Izzard
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