Reflexology Introduction 
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Cost: £25


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The workshop is held at Jackie Hamilton School premises aMelbourne  House, Arminghall Close, Norwich NR3 3UE

 Learn how to relax friends and family with reflexology relaxation techniques, together with the thumb compression movement.  

110 f 9928726 alvr3lnxojdrkvtfw3nbyfztfsw3fj2fYou will learn relaxation techniques and also how to give a simplified reflexology treatment. This will be mainly a practical class and you will be shown and can practice a cut-down version of the treatment taught at the school and will enable you to give a short treatment to your friends/family members.

Reflexology applied to the feet stimulates the body to restore balance, lower stress levels and thereby the opportunity to heal – 75% of all illness is stress related.

You will be able to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere of our school and this will give you confidence, especially if you are thinking of coming to join us for the professional course!  Click here for information on that. 

Come and get your questions answered along with hands-on experience!

 If you can't make either of those dates then book up a private class with Jackie:    £25 for an hour or £50 for two hours

Jackie Hamilton, Principalemail to book your place or to buy a gift voucher

The workshop is held at Jackie Hamilton School premises at Melbourne House, Arminghall Close, Norwich NR3 3UE

Bring someone with you and you get an overview of reflexology and learn a little of the treatment as well as information on the course, and then you can practice on each other.


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