Wavestone: for Qualified Level 3 Massage Therapists

Date:  Monday 30th October Time: 9.30 - 4.30   Cost: £125

The Hot Stone Kit, comprising of the two stones, jar and pouch must be purchaed beforehand from Jackie at the cost of £120.

Please email jackie@jackiehamilton.co.uk for details 

Learn how to use this tool that will revolutionise the way you treat and massage your clients

wavestone kit
Hand carved from white jade, the WaveStone retains both heat and cold, so enabling more efficient treatments while also protecting your wrists, hands, elbows and fingers.

Therapists’ wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs can often hurt after long days treating clients and, over time, increasingly take longer to recover.

The WaveStone provides significant protection, without limiting therapists’ feel for the treatments they are undertaking, so prolonging careers and safeguarding livelihoods. 


The WaveStone ’s unique properties allow it to be warmed and cooled in a matter of minutes. Most other hot stones require their own heater and take up to half an hour to be made ready for use, while cold massage stones need to be frozen.

Your clients will benefit from:

Stimulation of the circulatory system
Softening of tissues and muscles
The Power of Jade (which promotes healing)
Far Infrared passing heat smoothly into the body

“While I would never say that therapists should stop using their hands, they should look after them very carefully – after all, they are the key tools of their trade. The real advantage of the WaveStone is that, properly used, it can treat the majority of conditions and, in addition, the client benefits from an enhanced experience, not least the fact that the stone retains heat or cold for a significant period”  Adrian Jenkinson, inventor of the WaveStone

Massage and Sports Therapists

For Level 3 Massage Therapists

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The WaveStone is a highly effective massage tool which can be used as an alternative, or as an addition to treatments in many different areas, including:

Stress relief massage
Relaxation massage
Hot and cold stone massage
Aromatherapy massage

You will be taught how to use a set of WaveStones safely, learning the techniques and methods to use a Wavestone on areas of the body and including a full relaxation massage.  

 Whether it be the delivery of hot, cold, deep tissue or soothing massages or the treatment of hard to reach trigger points, the WaveStone will benefit your work as a therapist by:

Reducing stress and strain on your thumbs, hands, wrists and arms
Assisting you with the application of more pressure when needed
Limiting the possibility of repetitive stress injuries and lost work time
Allowing you to work longer and more efficiently
Delivering heat or cold quickly and effectively to problem areas
Replacing other tools and therefore saving you money 

You will learn the various techniques and methods to use a Wavestone on areas of the body

The Wavestone kit (shown below)  costs £120 and should be purchased in advance.  Please email jackie@jackiehamilton.co.uk for details

wavestone kit
















About Adrian Jenkinson:  

Having initially qualified and worked as a paramedic, his success as both a national league field hockey and ice hockey player (where Adrian also provided game day medical cover) led to him being inexorably drawn towards sports and massage therapy.

Five years ago, having become very concerned about stress to his fingers, hands and wrists, Adrian set out to create an ergonomically shaped tool that would protect hands (and therefore careers), aid therapists in their massage and bring relief and healing to their clients. He scoured the globe to find a natural stone that would retain both heat and cold, experimenting with many different materials and developing the design of a treatment tool that could follow all the contours of the body’s muscles. When Adrian travelled to China in his capacity as a sports therapist, his host introduced him to a local stonemason who had the raw materials, skills and understanding to help with the project. He produced various prototypes that Adrian brought back to the UK to fine tune, safety test and trial with clients. The much awaited result was a hand-crafted massage tool made of White Jade – the WaveStone. Adrian has been using the WaveStone extensively in his practice for the last three years along with increasing numbers of professional colleagues in the Clinical, Sports, Massage, Spa and Salon sectors. Might this be a good time for you to join them and start to safeguard your living?

Adrian has trained our own tutor, Peter Cummings, to teach this course

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