Taping and Strapping
Thursday  tba Time:  9.30 - 3.30  £99

Early payment: £75 if payment received by 30th December

 This one day workshop  is designed for sports massage practitioners, sports therapists, remedial instructors, coaches and others working in the sports environment.  

The workshop is held at Jackie Hamilton School premises at Melbourne House, Arminghall Close, Norwich NR3 3UE with free car parking

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The workshop aims to teach the safe application of a number of taping techniques which the therapist will find useful when working in sport at any level and be able to successfully immobilize a body part using taping and strapping products, thus preventing injury during sport. and to understand the properties of different types of tape products, and learn how to competently use different types of tape for support during sports activities and rehabilitation.

You will be shown how to assess which tape would be fit for purpose, and safely applying the tape to be fit for purpose. Participants will be able to describe how they would assess and design a functional taping support for a specific sport injury situation.

Mostly practical class.  School Certificate will be issued along with a workshop manual containing information, pictures and examples of what you will be learning.

The workshop covers

  • Principles and practice of strapping
  • Contraindications to strapping
  • Risks of taping in sport
  • Key terminology used in strapping & taping
  • Clinical Reasoning for safe and appropriate application of strapping for injury support
  • Properties of different kinds of tape and their use
  • How to apply tape so that it stays on
  • How to apply tape mid sports event
  • When to apply taping and strapping
  • Use of taping in prevention of injury
  • Relative effectiveness of various kinds of tapes, and applications
  • The course participants will apply the most commonly required strapping for problems with the foot, ankle, knee, elbow, wrist and hand.
  • You work hands-on with tape, and learn tips and hints from a practicing theapist
  • You will learn how to work with spray adhesive, underwrap, cohesive, Elastic Adhesive, Zinc Oxide, and hand tearable Sports Tape
  • Note this practical course involves working on fellow students 

Therapists will need to buy taping materials so they can practice in class and as soon as they get home and details will be sent to you when you sign up.  

A kit has been sourced and will cost approximately £40 - 80 - depending on what you would like to use it for (e.g. working pitchside you will need a larger kit and we will send you a list so you can decide for yourself once you signup) 

Payment may be made by telephone: 01603 621600, (bank transfer:  Please press Blue button for details), or paypal - please pay from your account to jackie@jackiehamilton.co.uk

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