ITEC Reflexology Diploma

We teach advanced techniques along with your training

Taught by tutors that are passionate about reflexology and have changed their lives to become successful therapists

And teaching you things normally learned after graduation in workshops!

  • Advanced reflexology techniques
  • Hand Reflexology - theory and practical
  • Introduction to Maternity Reflexology
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • How reflexology can be used in Palliative care
  • Foot Reading
  • Working with the 6 Meridians of the feet and the Five element theory

We will be with you every step of the way ... in our fully equipped school premises where students have the use of couches, trolleys, creams, powders ....

  • You will find application, dates, fees and entry requirements etc at the bottom of this page

Course snapshot:

  • Reflexology routine along with advanced techniques
  • Study of common complaints as well as specific conditions and how reflexology can help
  • Hand reflexology (see video here)
  • Integral biology (or how we are affected by home/work/stress - life!
  • Anatomy & Physiology & Pathology (the body, how it works and disorders and diseases to you and me)
  • Business - how to start up your own business
  • Marketing and Advertising so that you are ready to start and know what to do as soon as you graduate!
  • Research into the latest developments of Reflexology
  • Private class Facebook group with lots of support and great posts that Jackie finds to stimulate and encourage your training

Why Study with us...

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  • National as well as Internationally recognised quailfication with ITEC
  • This is not a fast track course - we know that 9 months gives students the best possible chance to train, practice and gain confidence in this competitive and growing field and graduate with a true professional outlook and ability
  • Once you start the course you can join the Association of Reflexologists which will include your student insurance and you can also join the Professional Reflexologist as students for free! You can only join these Associations if you are doing a top qualification - which you will be! Attendance is 18 days spread over 9 months - you may see courses delivered with attendance over just 5 or 6 days? Please see our FAQ page for information
  • You may also join the CNHC which is the UK regulator for Complementary Healthcare Practitioners, and you can be on their register. Once you graduate you will have a top qualification and can start your own business as a therapist, either mobile, or in your own clinic or join a clinic/spa/salon – the possibilities are endless...
  • We have a professionally equipped practical room and theory room and free car parking
  • We have visiting specialists to enhance your learning
  • Self-care for the the reflexologist - looking after your well-being is so important.  Students are introduced to EFT and Mindfulness
We look after our students during and also after you qualify! You will have:
  • Two tutors for the practical part of the course to help guide, reassure you and give you attention
  • A student area packed with information to aid and support your studies
  • A FaceBook group just for your class with immediate communication and help and encouragement
  • After you graduate: Students and ex students are invited to school meetings where you have a chance to meet up with your fellow classmates, other therapists trained at the school and also hear and see demonstrated other therapies from professionals to increase your learning and widen your outlook – which is helping your continued professional development

    • BONUS: Two hour introduction to reflexology at our pre course meeting! Get ready to learn!  
    • BONUS: Business, Marketing, Advertisng and Social Media support area - there is more to be a therapist than just learning the practical!  You want to start your own business?  We can help you and advise you. 

Sign-up, Dates & Fees...

Payment Options

  • Please pay the deposit of £400 by using the Buy Now button, the school bank account or credit card using the telephone
  • Click here for application form so that we can welcome you to the school and confirm your place
  • Please pay via the bank Bank details are here. or telephone 01603 621600 if you prefer.
  • These details are also sent automatically when you fill in the application form!

Your £400 deposit will confirm your place
Interest Free Instalment Plan - or Huge Discount for Full Payment!

Click Here for Application Form
All courses include Anatomy & Physiology 
There is a discount if you already have a recognised Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology qualification gained within the last 5 year that is equivalent to the ITEC syllabus here on this link

HUGE discount when course fees are paid before course starts!

Interest Free Instalments also Available

Funding Information

When Courses Start in March and September

Choose from

March - Saturdays 10 - 3 - 

September Fridays: 10 - 3 - 

September Sundays: 10 - 3 -

How Much 
Anatomy course)

£1750 including exam fees or £1650 for early payment 
free instalment plan available


The deposit of £400 includes our ITEC Anatomy & Physiology which you receive course straight away to enable you to make a start before September/March

This non-refundable deposit will be deducted from the course fees


£400 deposit plus £1250 four weeks before course starts = total price of £1650

Instalment Plan £400 deposit plus £169 for 8 months starting four weeks before course starts = total price of £1750

Funding Information

How much
(without Anatomy)
£1550 including exam fees or £1500 including exam fees for early payment
Deposit £400 deposit plus £1100 four weeks before course starts
Instalment Plan £400 deposit plus £144 for 8 months starting four  weeks before course starts

Choose from Daytime or Weekend Courses

Classes Run Every Two Weeks - Which one suits your lifestyle?


Weekends March 2018
Saturday course: 10 - 3 (please note first day starts 9.30 and the finish is 3.30)

March 10, 24, April 7, 28
May 12, 26 June 9, 30 July 14. 28 
Sept 8, 29, Oct 13, 27
Nov 10, 24. Practical Exam Dec 1 2018 (Anatomy theory exam is taken last class in June 2018)

 BONUS  Pre course and Induction Meeting includes learning some Reflexology! 
Wednesday 28th February 6.30 - 8.30 

 Students enrolled on the course are invited to a FREE reflexology intro workshop
This is a pre course meeting - a chance to meet the other students and your tutors and also
start learning reflexology - a great ice breaker!
Please bring in your laptop or device that has Microsoft Word on
so we can ensure you are getting the hang of the pre course work and are on target.
September 2018

Sept 28, Oct 12, 26, Nov 9, 23
Dec 7, Jan 4, 18 , Feb 1, 8, 22,
March 8, 22, Apr 12, 26,
May 10, 24, June 7, Practical Exam Saturday June 22 2019 (Anatomy theory exam is taken last class in November 2018)
September 2018
Sept 30, Oct 14, 28, November 11, 25, Dec 9
Jan 6, 20, Feb 3, 10 24, March 10, 24 April 14, 28,
May 12, 26 June 9, Practical Exam Saturday June 22 2019 (Anatomy theory exam is taken last class in November 2018
BONUS Pre course and Induction Meeting includes learning some Reflexology! 
Thursday 13th September 6.30 - 8.30

Students enrolled on the course are invited to a FREE reflexology intro workshop 
This is a pre course meeting - a chance to meet the other students and your tutors and also
start learning reflexology - a great ice breaker!
Please bring in your laptop or device that has Microsoft Word on
so we can ensure you are getting the hang of the pre course work and are on target.

HUGE Discount when Course Fees are Paid Two Weeks before Course Starts!

Pay your £400 deposit now to hold your place and then balance/first instalment 4 weeks before course starts
Interest Free Instalments also Available.
Funding Information

** Click HERE to Enrol Now! *

Entry Requirements

No previous experience in massage or therapies required. We train you from scratch!

But you must be prepared to work hard - you will be learning Anatomy and Physiology along with how to run a business as well as learning Reflexology. This all comes in with the course and is included in the course fees

You will need to be practicing Reflexology at least twice a week at home on friends and family  

We estimate this will mean 8 hours a week of study (apart from practicing reflexology) as well as attendance in class.

Students need to have access to a printer and a device to do the coursework and to present their work in Microsoft Word.

However, if you are already a therapist, read on!

Recognised Prior Learning: If you already have a recognised and recent therapy qualification (e.g. ITEC Massage) you may not need to do the A&P or Business & Principles Projects) provided it wasn't over 5 years ago

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Extra Costs Associated with the Course

(please don't buy anything until advised)

  • Reflexology book by Ruth Hull is £19
  • The Anatomy & Physiology book by Louise Tucker is £18
  • Business book is around £6
Couch: We have couches, trolleys, couch roll etc, at our fully equipped school, but for home practice you will eventually need professional equipment.  We will give you advice on this - the cost is anything from £80. You may prefer a La Fuma chair for clients to sit in - these cost from £100.  We discuss this in class and show you the options, so no need to worry about this at the moment.

Uniform: School polo top is £10, Students supply their own black trousers and shoes

Student Insurance: Students may join Association of Reflexologists for £26 with free insurance for case studies or may joinProfessional Reflexology for free and are advised to obtain insurance from them for their case studies (£25)

A First Aid certificate should be obtained from a recognised body before you start working professionally. The School hosts regular First Aid classes for £45- details will be given during the course.

Assessments Methods

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Assessment is by project work, case studies, internal theory exams on Reflexology and ITEC Anatomy and Physiology theory exam and practical exam with ITEC examiner at the end assessing the whole class

Here are the details:
  • Projects on Business & Principles of Practice - sent in advance of the course
  • Case Studies: 100 treatments, broken up into 40 treatments and written up (example supplied) plus 60 extra treatments
  • Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 ITEC Exam - 50 question multiple choice
  • Practical Exam with ITEC examiner

Project work sent before the course starts so that you have plenty of time to get them completed beforehand.  This means you can concentrate on reflexology and your case studies, perfecting your treatments etc during the 9 months you are with us.

Our Anatomy & Physiology course can also be started ahead of the actual Reflexology course starting so that you have time to assimilate the information and then it is re-enforced in the classroom with your tutor.

Further and more specific information

 The main course tutor has an assistant to ensure as much attention as possible

You will learn:
    • The consultation process and introduction to counselling skills
    • Client care.
    • Adapting your treatments for individuals: e.g. young, elderly, those in palliative care, pregnancy
    • Contra-indications and reactions to treatment
    • The holistic approach to health and treatment
    • Referral procedures
    • Introduction to other therapies
    • Professional presentation
    • Business & Health and Safety
    • Code of Ethics and Practice
    • History, theory and philosophy of reflexology

      You will need at least 8 hours of study time each week in order to complete assignments and case studies

      Before the course starts:
      You will be sent pre course work which includes a Business Project, Principles Project (writing about 4 other therapies), History of Reflexology Essay and also the Anatomy & Physiology course which is done first of all as a home study course before being backed up and re-enforced in the classroom.

      This is a great way to spread the workload and really get you into the coursework before you even enter the classroom- there is so much to learn that getting some of the basic information done early means there is time to go over important information and deliver the new information without overloading you.
reflexology gain top qualfications love

What our students say about this course:

right way round reflex
Diana Testimonials Reflexology 2017

'I find the course enjoyable and Kerrie is an excellent tutor'

'It opened upa whole new world to me, and it's the first time I have enjoyed learning about anyting, and now I've got the bug to keep learning' Melanie Carlisle

'The atmosphere is brilliant and the tutors are always there via email/phone to help' Mel Harrison

'Brilliant course! I enjoy Kerrie's teaching and guidance I Liked the friendly close group approach. I felt very welcomed and comfortable from day 1. This relaxed approached helped my learning and gave me time to take in new information. I felt confident to ask questions and get guidiance where needed from my tutors - who responded back etremely quickly.' Rachael Barran

'The tutors and the group made the course for me. The course was very informative and I have finished feeling confident and capable of running a professional and profitable reflexology business.' Julia Wigley

'It's interesting and very thorough. The folders were well laid out and reading the info before the lessons definitely helped. Response to emails and enquries was very prompt which has been really helpful throughout the entire course.' Debbie Barley

'It is a small group which is nice! Extremely interesting too! Kerrie is excellent at teaching!' Michelle Lightfoot

'Really enjoyed learning about the subject. Taught well.' Caroline Tupper

Very good, approachable, kind informative. Excellent communcation as she knows her stuff and can teach at all levels.

'Just got back from London - my sister has just had a baby and I have been using her as a case study, she was really impressed with the initial consultation that you taught us at college, she has had reflexology many times and said it was never that thorough. She also said it filled her with confidence and she also said she liked the structure of the treatment:  relaxation, pressure points then the massage at the end.  Just wanted to thank you for teaching me reflexology really :0).  What makes all the difference is that you are very supportive (think i've mentioned that before to you in class) but to someone like me it keeps me going and I can't thank you enough.'Love Diane x

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