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Jackie Hamilton's Student Area

Designed to give you access to course information when you needed it, the Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies has a dedicated web-based system allowing you to view important documents by simply logging onto the school's student area here at our website.

Exclusive to our students.

The information available is prepared specifically for our students and relates to the current sylabus of your chosen course. So it's easy to get to, it's up-to-date and it's there just for you! Compliments of Jackie.


Student Area Information

Our students have their own exclusive area with course related information.

This is an important on-line resource made especially for our school and offers all sorts of help and advice for all learning with the Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies.

The student area is divided into sections concentrating on each of the study topics we offer. Within each section the material is presented in a logical and accessible way.  For instance to begin you can review the pre-course material to get you ready for the course to help fulfil your potential. As you progress on your course the study material develops:  it is comprehensive yet within reach with just a few clicks.

Starting your course the student area offers you...

  • Your welcome letter (updated and important, current information)
  • Your reading list
  • Projects to complete prior to starting your course.
  • Links to resources including videos of the treatments

This is FREE to our students!

We also hold pre-course meetings, part of our determination to offer you a great time learning your new skills and continue our trusted and valued reputation as a quality school with a fine graduate record. We simply do our best to support our students. Our face-to-face tuition and input blends practical and technical skills. A great way to learn from our experienced tutors.

We do our best to support our students. We offer lots of face-to-face tuition and input, but in between they have a lot of support to dip into and we are always contactable via email to help