Maternity Reflexology Workshop

Date: Sunday 8 April 2018 Time: 10-4  Cost: £95

The workshop is held at Jackie Hamilton School premises at Melbourne House, Arminghall Close, Norwich NR3 3UE

with free car park

Payment and booking for this Workshop: .

This is a CPD workshop for reflexologists and reflexology studentsAl Campbell web

Al Campbell has fantastic experience with working within this area.  

Maternity care will be looked at, covering all trimesters and giving you more advanced techniques to enable you to support your client through each stage and helping to promote a healthy and comfortable pregnancy whilst also helping to prepare the body for the process of labour.  

We will cover all contra-indications concerning maternity, again making you feel totally confident when working within this field.

The role of hormones within the body, from our first breath to our last, is of vital importance and this system will be looked at in depth, giving you a greater understanding, which in turn will give you the confidence to treat your clients for problems/conditions or life stages associated with them.maternity reflexology heart

Al Campbell has fantastic experience with working in this area.  She will teach many techniques that you will find beneficial in everyday practice, passing on her knowledge gained from working with clients with hormone related conditions along with her maternity clients. This is a field that she feels passionately about and is keen to pass on her experience.

This workshop aims to give you the knowledge and confidence to enable you to help your clients whatever stage of life they are going through

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