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Nothing to be ashamed about

Girls - it's what we do.....

This started with me seeing the video on Facebook about all the waste plastic that comes from menstrual products. I shared it and my daughter Danielle who also shared it and said how she remembered that they gave them cute little plastic boxes with tampax in when she was at school and it was purely of course for marketing purposes. It got me thinking, if only the menstural cups could be marketed to them instead. 

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Big Pharma Big Food

Please listen and make up your own mind

Super session in the 2-hour European Parliament meeting on Thursday 12th April  - so many issues raised by Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MEP Nathan Gill, Sir Richard Thomson, Professor Hanno Pijl and Sarah Macklin. 

Great work by Dr Asseem Malhotra, nutritionist Sarah Macklin and Sir Richard Thompson (the Queen's former doctor) at the European Parliament yesterday.

Highlighting the flaws in the Eat Well Plate and how the NHS's high carb/low fat dietary guidelines need to change to stop the obesity crisis

Now edited with HD footage and clear sound 


Fitness - I want to get fit, and I want it now!

Yes, I know I was a fitness instructor, but time passes.....and here we are now....

We all know fitness should be part of our lives - but more and more I am hearing that just 20 minutes a day walking (at a pace if possible) would be good for mind and body - it's just getting out there isn't it?

My sister J (I have 3 sisters) does a 20 minute walk as a break at work every day - it's done her the power of good and she has lost a stone since January.

I used to be a fitness instructor and LOVE Zumba and other physical classes, but just don't get round to it like I used to - busy busy - and yes we can all make excuses - I know because I make them!

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Written by: Jackie Hamilton


Synchronicity - it's just a coincidence!

Yes, we've all had that happen - finding the answer, reading the book...and ping...just what we needed.

We have all been there haven't we?  we read something, we see something and it triggers a memory - something we needed to know - a piece of the puzzle is found.

Synchronicity - the word was coined by Carl Jung

carl jung

I was reminded of this just yesterday...

Written by: Jackie Hamilton


Sinus Problems - Oh the pain! Here's an idea to help

If it works on Paul, it might work on you

sinus paul optimized 5xeo

The sinuses are actually little holes in the skull that are ordinarily loaded with air. They help to make the skull lighter - our heads would be so heavy otherwise!

'Itis' denotes inflammation, and so inflammation of the Sinus is called: 'Sinusitis' which is an aggravation of the tissue that lines these cavities.

At times, this swelling closes off the sinuses, trapping bodily fluid and air inside them which can cause bacterial infection.  Read on... 

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