How did I get here? What's that all about then?

shock running a school in norwich

My very first blog - So, how did this happen - running a therapy school in Norfolk, the girl from Bethnal Green and Dagenham? Who'd have thought!!

My life changing moment was at a simple workshop. I was nearly 50. I had gone on the workshop to help my new husband who was suffering from stress and I had heard Aromatherapy helped stress.

Having been a single parent with 3 children for 13 years, I knew quite a bit about stress!

The children had now left home and it gave me time to think about myself and what I wanted to do and I wanted my new relationship to work, so I went along with high hopes, along with a little fear as I knew nothing about aromatherapy.

I had never even bought any oils as I was too embarrassed to ask about them in the shop. That's how unconfident I was

I was absolutely amazed at what Iearned that day and wanted to train as an aromatherapist right away - so I did! I did a dodgy course (as I know now) but after a lot of hard work and doing it the wrong way - I did a proper course and got the International Federation of Aromatherapists qualification.

Problem is, while I was doing it, I sort of fell into a course learning Reflexology, and so began another 'love affair'.

I couldn't get enough of it - it was like a light had been turned on.

My reflexology tutor, Helen Beard asked me to help her in her new class and from there I did adult teacher training - it wasn't a plan - it just sort of happened.

I loved treating clients and had a successful practice and was also teaching in adult education. Loved it loved it.

Unfortunately my second marriage ended in divorce and I moved to Norfolk, knowing nobody but my daughter. It was really hard and I still taught in Essex and tried to get teaching work in Norfolk, but it was slow and I had a mortgage and no support. I was also trying to start up my therapy business again and a business doesn't spring up over night

Having decided to move back to Essex where I had support and work, someone said - why don't you start your own school?
OK! So now I need to find premises, equipment - and students! Also needing to get accredtitation so that the students would have a proper qualification and not a dodgy one, like I had when I started out!

With nothing to lose, I somehow managed to find somewhere to train from, and advertised with money I didn't really have - there was no real internet advertising in 2004.

But, it took off and my first reflexology classes started in January 2005. Three of the students in my first class came back after they started their businesses and started teaching with me and then for me.

I love what I do - to see people grow in confidence and leave to start their own business, just like I had and then watch them flourish - who wouldn't?

One of my daughter's started her Beauty School with a little encouragement from me, and she is now flying and really successful. My other daughter runs a successful art business.

If only you could have seen us in the struggling years!

how did i get here 2If we can do it - so can you - it may be your time now! time for a change! It is not too late.

Choose from one of my courses on offer and begin your journey ... call me if you would like to talk it through 01603 951538


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Jackie Hamilton

Jackie Hamilton

Jackie started training as a therapist when she was nearly 50, having worked as a secretary for many years - for almost 10 years of them at Amstrad, before Alan Sugar became a Sir or a Lord!

Starting with a workshop, her interest was fired and she trained first of all as an aromatherapist, moving swifly on to reflexology, indian head massage, and recently believe it or not SPORTS massage!  Neverstop learning - always something new and I love it! :-)

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