Fitness - I want to get fit, and I want it now!

Yes, I know I was a fitness instructor, but time passes.....and here we are now....

We all know fitness should be part of our lives - but more and more I am hearing that just 20 minutes a day walking (at a pace if possible) would be good for mind and body - it's just getting out there isn't it?

My sister J (I have 3 sisters) does a 20 minute walk as a break at work every day - it's done her the power of good and she has lost a stone since January.

I used to be a fitness instructor and LOVE Zumba and other physical classes, but just don't get round to it like I used to - busy busy - and yes we can all make excuses - I know because I make them!

See my crazy video next!

 We bought this lovely little trampoline a couple of years ago - Paul jogs on it every morning for 20 minutes - he had hardening of the arteries in his left leg and could hardly walk - the NHS (bless em) put him on an exercise regime as you need to walk through the pain and then the arteries find new pathways (amazing isn’t it?) - anyway, he is now practically out of pain - it comes back when he walks a distance, but he couldn’t walk down the garden path without agony at one time - so the trampoline keeps up this good work. That and building the huge garden pond in the garden.......another way to keep fit - gardening, but that isn't for everyone I know.

This is the one I have - Bodymax  I had to make sure it could stand up to some bashing! I didn't fancy it collapsing on me!  It does fold up for putting under a bed, but we are lucky to have a garden room (we call the hobby room) and I can bounce to my heart's content in there and play


The trampoline is fabulous  - I bought this off Amazon - put on some lively music and that's it - I usually wear trousers and a top - not a frock! that’s quite dangerous to be honest - honestly - fancy doing it in a FROCK! But frankly, if I don't do it when the moment strikes, then it just doesn't get done.

But if you want some really good expert advice on fitness, then I would recommend Chas Allen - goodness me, what he doesn't know about fitness isn't worth knowi

He came to our school to qualify in Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy (2015) - but he knew so much before he came and boy does he know his stuff.  Chas came to give a talk at one of our regular school meetings for ex and present students and I was blown away.

Chas Allen Walk to Run

He talked about hormones I had never heard of (ones that make you fat!) and metabolism - well I knew about metabolism, but I know NOTHING compared to him.  His company is called Walk to Run - check it out.  Nutrition, Exercise, personal plans, group exercise (no zumba though) Nordic walking, how to run without ruining your joints, ....and some fantastic support for ordinary people like me or top professional athletes. 

 Whatever you choose to do - either by visiting a professional like Chas, or just buying a trampoline,or having a 20 minute walk a day - let's JUST DO IT!

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Jackie started training as a therapist when she was nearly 50, having worked as a secretary for many years - for almost 10 years of them at Amstrad, before Alan Sugar became a Sir or a Lord!

Starting with a workshop, her interest was fired and she trained first of all as an aromatherapist, moving swifly on to reflexology, indian head massage, and recently believe it or not SPORTS massage!  Neverstop learning - always something new and I love it! :-)

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