Who is our ideal student? What makes a good therapist?

It could be you!

The ideal student is someone that doesn't necessarily know anything in advance about this profession of therapies, but brings with them a passion to know more

We can teach you theory, we can teach you practical but some of things we can’t teach you is to how to be a caring person.

If you are a caring person, then along with passion to learn something new and you really want to help people, then you have come to the right place because we can help you to grow and learn a therapy and go out there and become you want to – in therapy world.  

It might be Sports, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology.  You will bring with you all the things you already know

Sometimes people think they are too old to learn something new – I was over 50 before I became a fitness instructor!  So no you aren’t too old! !

Finding something you love is brilliant and for me it was by accident just going to a workshop and thought this was wonderful, but if you know you are already interested in something then we can help you to expand that love

But what you need is to realise that the courses aren’t easy.  It isn’t just a case of turning up, paying your money and getting a diploma at the end and off you go

Its hard work – plenty of homework, plenty of practicing do.  We can tell those that are keen and have been practicing at home because they come in and they are good – they don’t have to tell us they have been practicing, their course work is up to date and they get on with the homework and we know they are going to be successful therapists. 

It’s people who don’t get the work done and make excuses for doing things that don’t do well.  It’s such a shame as we have got SO MUCH to offer you and if you meet us half way we will go overboard to give you the rest while you are training and when you leave.

So get in touch if you would like to change your life and get a new career! 

Email: jackie@jackiehamilton.co.uk  or call Jackie for a chat about your options: 01603 951538

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Jackie Hamilton

Jackie Hamilton

Jackie started training as a therapist when she was nearly 50, having worked as a secretary for many years - for almost 10 years of them at Amstrad, before Alan Sugar became a Sir or a Lord!

Starting with a workshop, her interest was fired and she trained first of all as an aromatherapist, moving swifly on to reflexology, indian head massage, and recently believe it or not SPORTS massage!  Neverstop learning - always something new and I love it! :-)

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