Golden Milk - worth looking into....

Turmeric Paste - keep it in the fridge - lasts for 3 weeks!

drinking goldenmilk 2Mmmmm lovely golden milk - we have it every morning. Turmeric is the 'gold'.

I kept reading about the benefits of Turmeric and then when we went to India for our holiday this year (2016) I just had to ask them - did they drink golden milk with tumeric over there and we found that yes they did!  

The guide that took us round the Taj Mahal, the young manager of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (yes we stayed there!) his wife makes it for him every morning.  Enormous health benefits.

People have found it helps with chronic pain and inflammation which covers a LOT of ground.  People have also found it extremely helpful with dogs and other animals

best exotic marigold hotel golden milk india So, I was assured - yes we are doing the right thing  

I found so many great articles - and this was one of the best:  click this link here 

So how do you make it....continue reading. 

It's so easy to make: it's basically making a paste with Turmeric and Water - i.e. gently simmering it in saucepan for a few minutes - stirring constantly and then putting it in a glass jar and keeping it in the fridge - it lasts for 3 weeks. (and don't forget the black pepper which gives it more power - the link above gives the science behind this) 

I put a teaspoon of the paste (already made in the fridge) in a pan in the morning with milk and drink it with some honey - this is a teaspoon for both of us and it's approximately a half cup of milk each  - DELICIOUS!

OK, but WHY drink it ANYWAY?  The link above has a lot of info on it. There is, believe it or not, a Turmeric lovers facebookgroup!  people are using it on animals to great effect.  See here on this link: Turmeric User Group. It's a closed group so you need to be added.  LOADS of information on there.  

My aim here isn't to go over all the benefits, but to encourage you to look into it - with that link above for example and the Turmeric User Group and then MAKE IT! Read on for the recipe!

This is the first video which takes time to listen to (recipe takes minutes)  - but get comfortable and listen and chill out for a bit whilst she explains the benefits and then makes it.

This is another one - really really  short - but the aim is the same - making a turmeric paste in minutes that you keep handy in the fridge for approximately 3 weeks.  There are LOADS of receipes but these two are the simplest.

I use half a cup of water to quarter cup of turmeric.  I use the American measurement as I have a nifty measurer, but it is 125 mls for half a cup.  The Tumeric User Group have a recipe that they have on their group page, and I will ask if I can share it here - but it is available for you to see and download.

I am going to use the Turmeric User Group recipe next time - it uses coconut oil - yum!

You have choices! 

 I can't get the grandchildren on it yet - but I will try again!  Paul and I have it every morning and my sister Jan tried some when she was here and is now merrily making it in Somerset!

golden pasteInflammation covers such a huge area - pain with joints, plus skin inflammation, gut inflammation.  All sorts of people can be helped - please read about it on the link above and see for yourself.

But of course, these are not medical pages here, so please take care if you are on medication that Turmeric is not contra indicated.

I hope you enjoy making it (in minutes I promise!) and then every morning have a little treat while you sip your cup and think of sunshine and India!

There's my little jar ready to go in the fridge - I bought this jar in Tesco for £1.  No I won't say it, but yes every little.....

PS actually it looks a bit like a jar of new baby poop :-)

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