Here are some questions that are often asked and we have tried to answer them here.

Do you run one day workshops?

We have a range of introductory workshops and CPD here to choose from. They are provided by us in order to raise funds for TherapyAid CIC, which is a not for profit company that Jackie started in 2019.

CPD - FHT Local Support Group

For more CPD, please join our FHT Local Support Group which is open to non FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) members as well as the public. We hold regular meetings and organise workshops and have CPD advertised on there too. Join us!

What can I learn at this School?

We run professional courses in Reflexology and Sports Massage Therapy.   This means that you can work as a therapist after completing the course and exams.

Clicking the appropriate button on the Courses menu will give you details on each course and who they are accreditedby (ITEC) , plus dates and fees. We also run Anatomy and Physiology as a subject on its own for those who want to study to develop their career or for the sheer love of learning this wonderful subject.

We also run a home study Anatomy & Physiology course. 

Will I be a 'therapist' at the end of the course?

Yes you certainly will. You join professional associations as a student and following successful completion of the course you will gain professional qualifications and can then set up a practice with your own clinic or work with other qualified therapists

Is there much homework?

The courses are of a high standard – the Reflexology course for example is level 3 ('A' level standard). The Sports Massage is level 3 and 4. For each attendance in the classroom at least as much time will need to be spent at home doing theory and practical work. There's a lot to learn, but it is SO interesting, and very moreish....

I have seen courses for Reflexology and Sports that last for 5, 6, 7 days and yours are 9 months long - but I get the same qualification at the end - how does that work?

We must differentiate between qualification and training.  A qualification cannot make you a competent therapist, but good practical training can.

Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage etc are very much hands-on therapies. The Practitioner must adapt to every new client and situation, constantly varying their approach and method. To learn to be able to do this confidently should be part of your training, and in our opinion cannot be taught in 5, 6, or 7 days.

Is it possible for the student to develop those skills, to be trained to an acceptable level of practical competence in such a short time and with so little face to face training?

As a qualified therapist or current student, with training at the highest level, we will leave you to draw your own conclusions. 

What is the age range in the class?

We have students from 19 to over 60 – a good mix of personalities too. People attracted to these courses love people and want to help them which makes for a good supportive environment, and a good balance of knowledge and experience in the classroom – we never stop learning!

Why are some courses Diplomas and others Certificates or Awards?

This is all part of the new Credit based system.

What does Level 2 or 3 mean? and Level 4?

Level 2 qualification is equivalent to
GCSE grade A*-C level

Level 3 qualification is equivalent to
A Level.

Level 4 qualification is equivalent to
e.g. BTEC Professional Diploma level.

Level 5 qualification is equivalent to
e.g. Higher National Diploma, Foundation Degree

Please click below for <br>more information from Ofqual

What happens after I have qualified?

Provided you pass the exams you will be able to get insurance and begin working as a therapist. You are invited to two school meetings a year for ex and present students in order to motivate and keep in touch with each other and also keep up to date with what is happening in 'therapy world'. This meeting includes a talk/demo on another therapy, e.g. Hypnotherapy, Bowen Technique as well as the encouragement and a chance to see those you studied with - it can get pretty lonely once you leave a course and are out there on your own!

As Jackie often says, she isn't running a 'sausage factory' churning out therapists – she cares what happens after you qualify and likes to keep in touch on a personal and professional level.

Continuing Professional Development is an important part of enhancing your training (as well necessary to continue to belong to a professional association) and these meetings will keep you up-to-date, as well as count as points towards your CPD.

When are they run?

All courses at the School are run on a part-time basis on a weekday or weekend or evening, allowing the student time for home study.

Will I have to come every week?

It depends. The courses are usually twice a month, (excluding main school holidays where possible), although we now have distance learning anatomy and physiology with the benefit of booster classes once a month with a tutor.

Are the qualifications recognised abroad?

As with all qualifications, doctor, lawyer, vet etc, there has to be a reciprocal arrangement in that country.

So, you will need to find out via the country you aim to move to if this is the case. Email Jackie if you are in doubt.

But bear in mind that ANY qualification you get will need to be checked with the appropriate country's associations.  With the new QCF qualifications however it makes it easier for other countries to recognise the standard of your qualification, particularly in Europe

Do I need qualifications before I start? No

Why not make a start with the Anatomy and Physiology course? This underpins all the courses and you can then later do either the Massage or Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage.

This spreads your homework load and also the cost.  Or you can do the therapy course and the anatomy & physiology at the same time?  hard to choose?  The Sports Massage Anatomy & Physiology is level 4 and so this would need to be completed along with the Sports Massage course.  

Speak to Jackie and talk it through  01603 951538

If I pay fees in advance do I get a discount?

Most courses have a HUGE discount if you pay all the fees 2 weeks before start of the course. However, if it suits your circumstances, after paying the deposit which confirms your place, the balance may be paid by monthly standing order starting from two weeks before the course starts. 

What time do the courses start and finish?

This varies.  Course days are generally 10 - 2.30 or until 4 Evening classes start at 6 or 6.30 - it all depends. Each course information page has the dates and fees on it

Where are classes held, and what is it like?

The School is light, airy and fully equipped with  couches, couch rolls and essential oils etc for use during lessons. We have a large skeleton and various aids to enhance learning – and make it interesting! We are just outside the city with a free carpark.  Please see our contact page.  This link takes you to a one minute video of a tour of the school premises

Are the qualifications recognised nationally?

At a time when the NHS and the medical profession are increasingly recognising the benefits of complementary therapies, there is no better time to ensure your qualifications are recognised and regulated prior to government legislation demanding that all therapists are qualified and insured.

Accreditation by ITEC ensures the highest standards of excellence and professionalism with courses of this nature.  For more information please click the following button.

Please call Jackie on 07971596117 if you would like to talk any of these through.

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Janice Says...

It opened up a whole new world for me and it's the first time I've enjoyed learning

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Brilliant course!  I liked the friendly close group approach. I felt very welcomed and comfrotable from the first day

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I felt totally supported throughout the course

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