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“I hope you don't mind but I just felt I had to put into words how you and The School have changed my life.
I was a single parent of 4 amazing children and used to rub their feet when they were young. I didn't understand what I was doing but just felt it helped with childhood illnesses. They called it Mums Magic. I worked hard and moved up the ladder to management but always felt something was missing. 
I found a book in a charity shop called Reflexology and knew then that my dream was to be a Reflexologist. I had to wait a few years as my most important job was being Mum.
The day came in my late forties and I contacted different schools to find out how I could start on the path for my dream. 
I remember speaking to Jackie who gave me lots of good advise and told me it told me it would be hard work . I warmed to Jackie and appreciated her honesty, enthusiasm and commitment.  Jackie even arranged for me to pay my fees monthly which was a real bonus with being a single Mum.
My first day came, new pencil case and lunch in hand I walked into the Jackie Hamilton School. I walked in  alone as a stranger and left that day belonging to a group. A group of people like my self who were nervous and mixed ages but who wanted to learn. There was never any competition just support for each other. We became a family who cared and shared. 
We laughed together and even cried together.  Yes at times it was hard and I wondered what I had let myself in. But thanks to the Tutors and Jackie who always went above and beyond their teachings we got through. They took us under their wings and were always there for us.  Exam days were exciting and scary but we again supported each other and all delighted when we all passed.  
I worked part time while building up my business and now in 2012 I am proud to say I am running my own business as a Reflexologist.  I go back to the School now for courses and love to meet up with fellow therapists.  By being part Of The JH School has given me the confidence to now live my dream.  I love being a Reflexologist  and my grown up children still like their feet being rubbed and now also my Grandchildren .   Thanks Jackie”
Barbie Sweetzer, ex Reflexology Student at Jackie Hamilton School, email sent 17th November 2012 (Barbie was a student at the school in 2008)

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We have people join us for many reasons: Maybe it's time to do something for yourself for a change?  Do you want to change career and work for yourself? Would you like to set up your own business?  It may be something you have always wanted to do and now could be the right time for you! Well, you know what they say about the first steps ...

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